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Hope I see them this summer in Ultra Korea!!


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I feel totally crushed.

So there’s this guy I like in the office who I honestly don’t understand why I like him aside from the fact that he’s funny. I know he likes my friend, who I am closest to in the office. I thought after what had happened between her and him, he was over her and I know it’s mean but I was really glad. But fuck, she was sick today and she went to hospital. He left the office early to see her in the hospital and bring her all the way to her home. I feel totally crushed. How could she do this to me when she knows I like him? I have been secretly hating her for being the crush of my crush but what she did today is too mean. I am afraid I might not even get over it. Why did she had to tell me that he’s bringing her home when she knows that I like him? I cannot understand no matter how hard I try to. I am so devastated. Maybe it’s a sign I should let him go and get over with these feelings. 

I got a job!

I got a job! I got a job! After 5 nerve-racking-never-get-used-to-interviews and being placed in a different team (for all I care), I am finally employed! I am so glad and I love it even more that I was able to land on a job even before my graduation rites! I am so proud of myself for having to gone this far and for all the efforts I have exerted to be where I am today. I am branching into a new profession indeed, a little strayed from my major but whatever, I will take what I can and it’s always exciting to learn new things and to be stepping out of my comfort zone where I know through and through already! :) I am happy to see my folks being proud of me, and I am happy I kinda have a future now where as before it was all full of uncertainty. I’ve been assured that I have what it takes to land on a job and all the time I spent  for my education wasn’t wasted. Oh, and not to mention the money, I will most definitely be enjoying, the first paycheck will solely go to my shopping spree definitely! ;) What a happy night!

I am not hungry! I am not!

Oh my god! Fuck me!

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